An Online Media Network Company Specially
Designed To Leverage “Type-In Traffic” Searches.

What Is “Type-In Traffic”
More and more web surfers are becoming disappointed with the
number of non-relevant search results that are clogging the
pages of the major search engines. Now, instead of depending
upon the giants of the search industry to help them find the
products and services they seek, a significant number of people
are turning to “Type-In” techniques. Here’s how it works…
Someone in Arizona wants to buy an insurance policy. Rather
than consult Google™, she takes a chance and types in
“”. Her efforts are rewarded.

A recently discharged U.S. Army MP is interested in becoming
a Private Investigator and wants to subscribe to industry
magazines. He types in “” and
finds exactly what he’s looking for.

How We Leverage This New Trend
We own thousands of outdoor and generic domain names that
we use for advertising or we lease the domains to those who want to increase their traffic by taking advatage of the Type-In traffic wave.
It’s a wave that’s already big and is destined to get bigger.
Our website network includes domains such names as and, and outdoor names like, and Combined, our network of domains generates millions of hits per year. And we work diligently to keep it that way.